10 First Day of Preschool Books to Help Ease Your Child’s Anxiety

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Your child’s first day of preschool is almost here! This is an exciting (and scary) time for both you and your little one because for many children, this is their first real experience being away from home.

As a mom, you worry about all the little things that go along with being away from your child… Will they be able to handle the separation from you? Will they play well with others? Will they like their teacher? Will they be able to do things on their own? If not, will they be able to ask for help? There’s so much that goes into becoming a preschooler!

How to Ease Separation Anxiety

To help make the transition easier for your child, start reading books together about the first day of preschool several weeks beforehand (if possible). This gives your child the opportunity to really process what will happen on the first day and be able to ask you questions. Many first day of school books also have practical strategies that your child can use when they are sad or are missing you, so it’s great to practice ahead of time!

Even if your child is not displaying signs of being nervous about the first day of school, it’s still a good idea to read some books together to prepare. Some children don’t realize that it’s going to be hard to leave mom until the actual day of – and then it’s too late.

Here are 10 encouraging books to help ease your child’s anxiety over the first day of preschool and make the experience a positive one for both of you!

The Kissing Hand

Llama Llama Misses Mama

The Night Before Preschool

Froggy Goes to School

The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School

Maisy Goes to Preschool

Not This Bear

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

I Am Too Absolutely Small to Go to School

I Love You All Day Long

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