30 days of parenting insights, actionable steps, and reflection questions to make you the more peaceful parent you’ve always wanted to be. 


If you are feeling worn down by disobedience and tantrums, you are in the right place.

I’ve been there too. 
You want to be a calmer, more confident parent that knows exactly what to do when your child misbehaves.
You want to work with your child, instead of against them. 
You want to ditch yelling, time-outs, bribes and punishments, and build a strong relationship with your child.
You want to nurture your child’s development without letting them “run the show.” 
You want your child to listen the first time.

You want a parenting system that works.


This ebook is designed to help you...

Stop yelling and start connecting with your child. Discover practical solutions to the most common parenting problems.

Heal relationships that have been strained by the cycle of yelling and punishment. Learn how to calmly work through tantrums with your child.

Understand your child on a deeper level. Discover how their fears, insecurities, and doubts affect their behavior and how to support them through difficult moments.

Build internal motivation in your child to help them become more empathetic, compassionate, and responsible.

Develop routines and rhythms that work for your child. Learn action steps and specific strategies to get through the toughest times of the day.

Discover the #1 predictor of healthy parent/child relationships and how to effectively communicate with your child.


Unit 1: Understanding Your Child's Heart and Mind

Day 1 – What is Positive Parenting?

Day 2 – The Top 5 Parenting Myths

Day 3 – The Root of the Relationship: Attachment 

Day 4 – Common Childhood Fears By Age

Day 5 – What is My Child’s Behavior Communicating?

Day 6 – The Problem With Punishment

Day 7 – Working Through Big Feelings

Day 8 – The Key to Effective Communication With Children

Unit 2: Finding Patience as a Tired Mom

Day 9 – The #1 Predictor of Healthy Parent/Child Relationships

Day 10 – Self-Regulation: Parents Need it Too!

Day 11 – How to Stay Calm When You Are Triggered 

Day 12 – Patience is All About Perspective

Day 13 – Becoming the Mom Your Child Needs

Unit 3: Priorities and Positive Talk

Day 14 – Identifying Your Child’s Behavior Barriers

Day 15 – Facilitating Independent Play

Day 16 – Why Bribes Don’t Work and What to Do Instead

Day 17 – The Keys to Raising a Child Who WANTS to Cooperate

Day 18 – Addressing Demands and Entitlement

Day 19 – Building Self-Control and Delayed Gratification

Day 20 – Fostering Empathy

Unit 4: Putting it All Together:
Practical Solutions to Common Problems

Day 21 – How to Discipline with Natural and Logical Consequences

Day 22 – The 5 Biggest Mistakes When Responding to Tantrums

Day 23 – Four Steps for Dealing With Behaviors (Hitting, Biting, etc.)

Day 24 – Overcoming Defiance, Disobedience, and Back Talk

Day 25 – Tackle Whining, Complaining, and a Lack of Gratitude

Day 26 – Diffusing Power Struggles

Day 27 – Sibling Issues (New Baby, Sharing, & Fighting)

Day 28 – Separation Anxiety and Clinginess

Day 29 – Mealtime Issues

Day 30 – Toddler Bedtime Battles 

Frequently asked questions

No, this is a digital product that will be emailed to you. Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive a PDF file that you can print on your own. 

No problem! This book is self-paced and is designed to meet you exactly where you are in your parenting journey. There are plenty of real life examples and strategies to walk you through each daily topic. 

While a lot of the content in this book is specifically geared towards parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary aged kids, all of the concepts can also be applied with older children as well! When you have a good foundational understanding of child development you can discover how to best meet your child’s needs, no matter what age they are.